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For Particular individuals

In view of the current situation, Clock & me also offers to help individuals while staying at home.


After carrying out a sleep assessment via scientific validated questionnaires, we will re-evaluate your rhythms, your daily lifestyle and we will give you adapted advice to improve your well-being on a daily basis.

If prolonged follow-up


Make an appointment for your first online interview.


You will receive questionnaires via email, in order to assess your sleep profile. They will need to be completed before the first appointment.


Your interview:

- Complete assessment of your sleep profile

- Advice tailored to your needs

- Answers to your questions

Choice of an extended follow-up or not.


Monitoring of your sleep-wake rhythm via questionnaire over 2 weeks; a few questions about your life rhythm will be asked regularly throughout the day via an application on your phone. These data will then be analyzed before the next appointment.


Second online appointment to take stock of your weeks.

Steps to follow:

Formulas offered


BILAN Sommeil

1h d'entretien

  • Questionnaires validés

  • Bilan sommeil

  • Conseils adaptés




2 x 1h d'entretien

  • Questionnaires validés

  • Bilan sommeil

  • Suivi des rythmes pendant 2 semaines

  • Bilan des rythmes

  • Conseils adaptés




30 min d'entretien

  • Réponses à vos questions (sans bilan de sommeil)


And what about stress? 

Parreseux Sophro .png


2 x 1h d'entretien

  • Questionnaires validés

  • Bilan sommeil

  • Conseils adaptés

  • Initiation à la Sophrologie

  • Exercices de relaxation


In addition to a shift in your rhythm, stress and anxiety can be largely responsible for your sleep problems. They are often the cause of your unexplained nocturnal awakenings.

This is why we also offer you a 2-in-1 solution available by visioconference or face-to-face in Strasbourg area* , including:

  • Your sleep questionnaires analysis followed by 1 hour interview for your sleep assessment

  • A 1 hour introductory sophrology session where you will learn practical exercises adapted to your needs. You will also be able to do them at home to reduce your daily stress and have a peaceful sleep.

The Sophrology session will be given by my collaborator Mrs. Frédérique Collin (RNCP certified Sophrologist).

Face-to-face possible

* If you opt for the 2in1 Formula by videoconference :

  • You can book the first session online for your sleep report

  • After your sleep assessment, you will receive the information to make an appointment for your Sophrology session by videoconference or face-to-face, according to your preferences.

* If you opt for the 2in1 formula in face-to-face :

  • The reservation will be made only by email ( or by phone (06 44 39 02 40)

  • The 2 sessions will take place one after the other in Ms. Collin's office located at la Robertsau at 4 Rue Charles de Foucauld, 67000 Strasbourg

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